Art is in Crisis.

Gavin Turk, “Pile”, 2004
Richard Serra, “Between the Torus and the Sphere”, 2003-2005
Felix Gonzalez-Torres, “Untitled” (Portrait of Ross in L.A.), 1991

So called “contemporary art” is not Art.

But realism, no matter how well done…

Graydon Parrish, “Pieta”
Shuang Liu, 2020
Jacob Collins, “In the Atelier”, 2001

…is not a restoration of traditional painting.

The search for this lost approach is neither nostalgia nor lack of interest in our contemporary situation…

Topias Uusitalo, 2023
Vladan Pejanovic, 2022
Henri Kivioja, 2023

…it is the desire to recapture the fulsome possibility of poetry for ourselves.

True Painting