About True Painting

“True painting” is a term invented in the 19th century by such early Modernists as Puvis de Chavannes, to distinguish the qualities of traditional painting from the errors of Neoclassical or academic teaching.

About us

We are a community of artists built around American painter Paul Rhoads. We mostly hang out on Discord, where we post our work and try to help and encourage each other. We also follow Paul’s YouTube channel.


Paul began posting videos on YouTube in 2015 in which he talked about many topics, but mainly about painting, which has been his lifelong passion.

Over the years he has garnered a small following of people interested in what he has to say, including a number of like-minded artists.

In 2020 he started a Discord server, which has become the main way for his small community to interact.

His YouTube channel has since been banned, but all his videos were saved on Odysee, where his old videos are now accessible.

In July 2022, he has co-founded a magazine titled “The Muse Commands”. The magazine will be replaced by the articles on this website.

In October 2023, Paul has made a new YouTube channel.